Basic Navy

Basic Navy

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Kawasaki 2390 

A Danish sneaker brand 🇩🇰

The history started back in 1972, when the newly founded company J. Hammergaard Hansen Sport A/S was looking for a sneaker, which was suitable for badminton. This is the story of the dull communist sneaker, which was invented by a Danish company and later marketed to become the best selling single shoe ever in Denmark.

Kawasaki DNA

Our DNA is expressed in all of our Canvas Models as the characteristic rubber edge clearly appears where the sole and canvas is melted together. The Kawasaki model no. 2390 is a classic navy sneaker, which is particularly durable and at the same time contains all values of the Kawasaki brand.  

Ecological sneakers 

The sneaker, is vulcanized, which means that the rubbersole, the nose reinforcement and edge band is heat molded. Due to this ancient type of production it is possible to produce Kawasaki sneakers by using only non flammable materials. Kawasaki sneakers is produced by natural rubber, canvas, suede and Italian leather which means that there are no synthetic materials. We can therefore rightfully claim that our sneakers are ecological.

Originally Kawasaki sneakers were only available in black and white versions. Today however, there exists a wide range of varieties. No matter which colour you choose we guarantee the same quality as it is the same machines that every year produces thousands of sneakers.


Still interested? Check out the video below ⬇️ and learn more about the ancient type of production we still use to produce Kawasaki sneakers. 



Material leather .., Nature rubber, Canvas
Color Blue
Cut Low
Outsole Basic outsole - worn since 1972

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