Kawasaki - Japanese name but a Danish brand…
Sport sneakers in the 70’s, disco sneakers in the 80’s, working sneakers in the 90’s – Today a trendy Retro sneaker.

The history started back in 1972, when the newly founded company J. Hammergaard Hansen Sport A/S was looking for a sneaker, which was suitable for badminton. This is the story of the dull communist sneaker, which was invented by a Danish company and later marketed to become the best selling single shoe ever in Denmark. By staying loyal to the core values of the sneaker when it comes to production and design, Kawasaki have been able to make the sneakers a true retro product. The production is in fact done on the same premises and with exactly the same machinery, as when it all started 40 years ago.

Friendly to environment but still a very hard-wearing sneaker

When the Kawasaki sneaker was produced first, it was a true technical sportsshoe. it was a lightweight sneaker, but at the same time durable with an extremely good fitting - the vulcanized method of production secured that. The suede on the toe provided extra protection against wear, and the 2 holes on the side gave the sneaker a certain degree of breathability. The upper is made of canvas and the outsole is made of a special rubber construction that gives the sneaker added value in terms of durability as well as good traction.  

The use of natural products, maintaining production in Europe and staying loyal to design doesn't mean that the shoe hasn't developed. From being produced in only 2 colours – black and white – Kawasaki is now available in a wide range of colours, prints and different styles - sneakers as well as boots.


Kawasaki sneakers has proved to be an extremely strong selling product in the highly competitive Scandinavian fashion-lifestyle market and in the last few years all over Europe - and Kawasaki is still expanding to new markets!